Drawing The Fashion Figure

To draw a good fashion figure the body must first be placed under the clothes.The figure given in this lesson is not nude, but is ready for underclothes, bathing suit, dress, suit, or a coat.If you draw the complete figure carefully under every garment, you will have no trouble when drawing a bathing figure, or one in underclothes although busy artists merely sketch in the figure without finishing parts that do not show in the finished drawing. This is a saving of time for one who knows how.The dress form conforms to the shape of the human figure.Fashion figures vary as style changes, but figures seven (7) to eight (8) heads high are typical. The figure must be slim and graceful. If too stout it will not look right.Proportions of The FigureThe figure measures seven (7) to eight (8) heads high.The neck is about one-third (1/3) the width of the shoulders.The waist measures less than the shoulders.The legs join the body at the center of the figure.The knees are less than half (J) way between this point and the feet.From the shoulder to under the arm is one-half (i) head or less.The waist is about one and three-quarter (If) heads down from the chin.The arms bend opposite the waist, reaching down to the center of the figure, while the hands extend below this point.The standing line (or fine of support) is an imaginary line from the pit of the neck to the standing foot. This line must be parallel with the edge of the paper.The foot is about the length of the head.The hand is as long as from the chin to above the eyebrows.In this position the standing hip is high while the other one is low, both of the hips being above the middle of the figure.The relaxed leg may be placed anywhere, but must extend from the hip and not from the knee, which would give it a knock-kneed appearance. See line of direction for the hips, also sketch of the nude hips.If the figure were balanced evenly (on both feet) the line of support would fall between the feet. See Lesson XVIII.The legs must join the body at the center and on the center line of the figure.In the three-quarter view one sees considerably more of one side than of the other.In fashions there are very few strictly full front faces, but many are almost full, being turned slightly.The head is often turned in the opposite direction to the body; this lends grace to the figure.When drawing hands, keep them the same size, also be careful to have the feet mates. Drawing The Figure Place the figure nicely on the paper; commence at the top, and swing in the correct oval. When this is done, measure down seven or eight heads to the standing foot, making a mark where the foot comes. Remember the standing line must pass through the ball of the foot. This takes but little time and can be easily erased if the figure does not fill the given space nicely.If incorrect, begin again by redrawing the oval the proper size. Do not draw the features until the whole figure is swung in correctly.Mark off the waist line one and three-quarter heads down, draw the shoulders, the bust, the standing hip, and one long line down to the standing foot, which is on the action side. Keep in mind all proportions and swing in the figure, using these spacings as guides.The reference figure for this lesson is here: Fashion Design Figure

2000 Kawasaki ZX7 ZX 7 P Ninja Rear Passenger Subframe

2000 Kawasaki ZX7 ZX 7 P Ninja Rear Passenger Subframe

On bikes equiped with a seperate Passenger Subframe, this piece bolts to the Main Subframe and holds the passenger seat and helps to support the rear bodywork. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Passenger Subframe will be straight and undamaged. Cosmetic imperfections and paint chips are considered normal wear.

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Naty Eco-sensitive Fragrance Free Travel Pack Wipes 24-Count (Pack of 10) 240 Wipes

Nature Babycare wipes are completely fragrance and chlorine-free. They are made from a biodegradable wood pulp sustainably harvested from Scandinavian forests. Nature Babycare only uses purified water for the wipes and the addition of aloe vera keeps baby’s bum soft and smooth.
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Organic Baby Clothes: It Is Time to Make a Smart Choice

The arrival of your most awaited, dear gift into your world deserves something truly special. Mothers and grandmothers believe that healthy and merry children need cosy, durable, non-growth-restricting clothes. Another extremely most important requirement is they need to be absolutely chemical free, something as safe as Organic baby clothes.The Troublesome fabrics for infantsFabrics like nylon, rayon and polyester come with their own set of environmental hazards, let’s have a look:
Both, Polyester and nylon are derived from petroleum-based raw materials. Rayon too, is no different. It is made from wood pulp and requires chemicals as lethal and damaging as sulphuric acid for their conversion to a fabric and Acrylic fabrics are basically, Polycyrlonitriles, a type of substance that is highly susceptible towards cancer.After reading the given statistics you will realize how essential it is to look into what you are about to select for your dear one. Non organic clothes are certainly capable of creating a fracas, no doubts on that. They must be eliminated from the infant’s wardrobe NOW.What does ‘ORGANIC’ refer to?Various organic fibres like hemp, organic cotton, alpaca, wool and tencel are, thankfully, not sprayed upon with harsh pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers. Quite a relief, right? This method of farming protects water, air system and the environment thus qualifying as superior to others and obviously more suited for an infants’ fragile body.During the manufacturing process, organic baby clothes are not subjected to toxic chemicals like dyes, bleaches or treated with formaldehyde which is often used to preserve the “fresh look” of the material prior its shopping and to prevent them from shrinking in size. Needless to mention, these noxious elements are linked to several allergic skin reactions- eczema being one of them.Organic baby clothes top the priority list of new parents all around the globe. You too must have come across words as- Organic baby clothing collection or organic baby clothes sale and it must have made you wonder as to why they are so very much in demand? We’ll provide you with more on this:As many of us already know, a baby’s skin is extremely delicate as well as more sensitive than ours. Therefore, while choosing baby clothing you must always take into account their respiratory system’s development which is still developing and being new, can fall prey to noxious materials or stimuli brought in their contact.Various Organic clothingCotton clothing ranks No.1 among all the other varieties available. It is organic, easy on the skin and can find place in the wardrobe as baby sweaters, pyjamas, shorts etc. Cotton and its variants like Twill cotton (the heavier one and consequently more self life), Bamboo cotton, Egyptian cotton (pretty fabric), Canton cotton (the most popular of all), Terry cotton, Honeycomb cotton and more can be blindly trusted for your baby’s skin protection and care.Take for example, snugly fit organic sleepers that are made from 100% organic cotton sans microbes and are easy to breathe in. Toddlers will sleep peacefully the whole night long as it successfully maintains a good and constant body temperature. Super soft clothing with delicate embroidering can be found in abundance in various organic baby clothes wholesale programs that are regularly going the rounds.So, without wasting any more time, go and update your child’s wardrobe with these forever in fashion clothes that though cost more will give bundle of joy, the tenderness and care he/she deserves. Go organic with organic baby clothes!

GSI Super Quality Replacement Battery For Select KODAK Digital Cameras, Functions Exactly As Original KAA2HR, 2.4V, Li-ion/ 1800mAh, Black

Battery Fits For EasyShare C310, C315, C330, C360, C433, C530, C533, C663, C643, C743, C743 , C875, CD33, CD40 CD43, CW330, Z650, Z710 , Z740 , C300EasyShare C340 , CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6445, CX7220, CX7300, CX7310, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530 , DX 4900, DX3215, DX3500, DX3600, DX3700, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX6340, DX6440, Z700
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Business Broadband – What to Consider

When choosing a broadband plan for business, the requirements are often very different to that of a home internet plan. Businesses face a range of communication challenges that are usually quite easily resolved with a great broadband plan. But what exactly do you need to consider when it comes to your business’s broadband needs?Reviewing Your OptionsConsider everything that could impact your internet connection. New staff, moving offices, unlimited access to downloading, large emails and sharing data can heavily impact how your internet performs and also how much it could cost you each month. If you have unexpected growth within the business, make sure your internet plan is flexible enough to accommodate the average data usage of new staff. In the event that you move offices, this will also affect your broadband connection. Check in your contract for related expenses like reconnection fees, technician call outs, etc. It may not seem like much of a cost, but when you add up all the other expenses that are associated with moving offices, anything extra could really blow out your budget. Staff often don’t realise how much they download on a daily basis, but there are ways to curb their ability to download certain things. Blocking download access to programs like iTunes, Lime Wire and the like will let you manage your data limits more effectively.Speak to ExpertsMany ISP’s often have dedicated divisions for business broadband customers. They are fully trained and equipped to answer the questions that many business owners may have in relation to their broadband connection needs. In fact, with the advances in technology, there are many solutions that they should recommend that are now available to businesses like VoIP, VPN and Co-Location services.FlexibilityAs a business owner, you’ll know how important it is to have some flexibility to allow for changes within the market. If your business expands, you’ll no doubt need to increase your data limit, as well as your hardware and software to cope with the demand. Alternatively, if your business downsizes, you’ll need to be able to lower your data limit which will in turn lower your monthly fees.Basically, when considering any business broadband plan, you need to take into account, growth, technology advances, your budgets and new ISP’s entering the market. This will allow you to have all the right information to make an informed decision and ultimately allow your business to flourish with great communication tools at your disposal.